Saving Lives WITH knowledge


What does Phi do?

  • Finds the best ways to use knowledge in development
  • Evaluates knowledge-based projects, programmes and organizations
  • Advises on knowledge management at organizational and national levels
  • Assesses ethics and intellectual property at institutional and national levels


How does Phi do it?

  • Responds to local needs

  • Calls on a team of top-level Phi Associates

  • Uses opportunities offered by technology

  • Supports and cooperates with the initiatives of other agencies

  • Creates national partnerships

  • Creates and develops networks and networking

Key approaches....

Providing information to save lives




  • People die even though there are often affordable and applicable solutions available.
  • Information about these solutions is often in the wrong medium or format, wrong language, or aimed at the wrong audience.
  • The right information needs to be transmitted in the right way to become shared knowledge and to save lives. 

Phi helps to generate the best information

Helping knowledge intermediaries




  • Many actors are involved in cresting and tansmitting knowledge:
  • Researchers report their discoveries
  • Knowledge intermediaries spread the word - people like publishers, information professionals, teachers, religious leaders, the media - and policy makers help work out how to apply this knowledge to their populations .

Phi interacts with everyone in the knowledge chain

Addressing the ethics of knowledge




  • There continue to be are divides between the information rich and information poor.
  • Disinformation and misinformation are enemies of a knowledge-based society.
  • Other ethical issues in knowledge include the rights of access to essential information, the role of intellectual property, the guarantee of privacy, confidentiality and anonymity.

Phi works for digital equality and equity

Phi aims to...





Build the capacity of all in the knowledge chain to develop innovative services and networks sharing the best data and information





Work collaboratively with others to evaluate and assess knowledge-based projects, programmes and organizations at every level 





Facilitate communication partnerships and networks throughout the developing world to increase the flow of timely, reliable and appropriate information.

Close the knowledge gap : Use knowledge better: Network and share : Plan : Evaluate